Power management

When I need to be a bit more frugal with power I’ll shutdown various applications including DEVONthink3. Why does DEVONthink3 restart within a minute ? This does not happen with DEVONagent Pro.

Do you have any Hazel scripts or folder actions importing to DEVONthink in use?

‘folder actions’ are not enabled and I do not have a copy of ‘hazel’ installed. FWIW the pattern is that I have to invoke ‘quit’ two times for the app to shutdown, about a minute or so later it restarts … I wasn’t sure if this was a configurable behavior within the application itself.

The termination is delayed if a database is currently synchronized, quitting twice terminates the app immediately in this case.

Thanks to you both.

In the end it seems that my ‘zombie’ instance of DevonthinkPro 3 was a side-effect of upgrading from an earlier copy of DEVONThinkPro Office with which I was also running the sorter. I rebooted my machine and the application no longer automatically restarts.

Glad to hear it and you’re welcome! :slight_smile: