PowerMail - updating the archive

I have archived the PM database in DTPO, which took about 2 hours or so.

But what if I want to update this archive next week? I have not deleted them from PM - PM is faster as long as I can keep them in there. Does DTPO “remember” what I have already archived, or does it simply replace the whole lot (which would take me too long)?

I did not find this in the manual.

Yes, the mail importer keeps track of mails that are already present in the database. However, if you remove some, then they will be imported again. Check the filter settings on the Mail Import window, here you can show or hide previously imported messages from the list.

Thanks for the tip, which is helpful!

Now for something completely different: what happens if I first archive my laptop, than later my desktop email database?
The difference between the two are my replies: received messages are identical, sent messages are not. Will it work?
(If it does, this is better than IMAP.)

If you enable “Import whole conversations” it should only import your Sent messages that are relevant to the imported messages (as long as the references to these are correct).

brilliant, yes it did the trick.

One oddity: messages in my PM Out Tray ended up in DTPO’s In Tray.

And I wonder what will happen if I move it elsewhere in DTPO - then update the archive again. It should not reimport it, I suppose.

All in all a very powerful tool for which I’m grateful.

Did you flatten the folder structure through the Options perchance?

Anyway, it doesn’t matter where the messages are located in the database in order to prevent duplicate imports.