Praise for Devonthink and Devonthink to go

I am a veterinary clinical pathologist in formation and at the moment I spend my time learning from results of chemistry analyzers of serum and also the results from haematology studies.

I have a database named “Clinical Pathology” with a “Books” group. I have uploaded there a lot of great books and applied OCR to all of them. I have this database synced with my iPhone and iPad and I cannot stress HOW MUCH this has helped me to learn.

Some times I see abnormalities in chemistry studies that I can’t understand, I just pull my iPhones out and search or go to my favorite books on the topic and search. The speed of the results is great and also the speed of the rendering of my book.

The things I didn’t understood or knew are then at the moment learned and I proceed to do some flash cards on other software.

Just wanted to thank the team for the effort. I just have a couple of books that I need to scan to import to Devonthink, I think I’ll buy a hand held scanner or something like that.

Best software I have purchased in a long time.


I just use my iPad camera, saving a .pdf file to DTTG
Scanning documents is a feature of the Files app

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I may try that for chapters. Do you scan hole books this way?

Whilst YMMV, if you find the Files app to be unsuitable you might try Readdle’s ScannerPro with which I have had good results.

The upper class professional solution would seem to be described by @rfog in their parting words of this post, which left me wanting to need it :smiley:


Thanks! I’ll try the files app or scanner pro to see which one I prefer.

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Thank you!
We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and your gracious comments. :heart: :slight_smile:

I’m absolutely sure You will need it once I finish experimenting with it!

Got it last week and once technical service told me what I was doing wrong, well, I’m in love with it. I Will write later this week in that thread to explain how I’m using the ET24 Pro and what is capable to do.

Advance: it even do MRC compression!!!


I’ve scanned a few books
It goes faster if there’s two people; one to hold the device and the other turning the pages

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