Prechod z dropbox do devonthink

Dobry den, vidim tu pravidelnych prispievatelov z CR. Vieme na tomto mieste zacat aj diskuziu v cestine alebo slovencine? Potreboval by som niekolko informacii o prechode z dropbox do DT. Moj dropbox sa pocas 5 rokov rozrastol a potrebujem celemu dat nejaky “order”.
Vopred dakujem.

Vitajte na fóre :slight_smile:

Bez problémov sa mi podarilo preložiť váš príspevok pomocou DeepL; ak rozumiete aj mojej odpovedi, môžeme sa o Dropboxe a DT porozprávať tu v slovenčine. Pravdepodobne bude tiež užitočné, ak si pozriete príručku - možno môžete použiť napr. DeepL na preklad častí.

@cgrunenberg s vami možno bude môcť písať bez prekladateľa.

Translated with

Nice but wrong assumption :rofl:

Thanks both. I thought it would be easier for me to understand the technicalities but if it means for both of you to use translator - it doesnt make much sense to write in Slovak. So I am using the translator.

I work as a freelancer who uses different apps for different things. It was good at the start but now too complicated to monitor and keep track of things (GTD, email, notes, reminders, contracts, payments…)

I am looking at DT (or other apps) to help me find the better system - is there any good use case for DT in this forum I could read first to understand it better?

Did you already have a look at this category? Scenarios - DEVONtechnologies Community

Thanks. I have been through the category.
I can see a lot of links to personal/business questions, which is great. Usually people who are already in DT3, using it regularly. These will be handy one day , I am sure.

I am not in DT3 yet, trying to understand, whether there is any sort of “box” or “manual” which I can unpack and get the basic setup for let’s say lawyer or management consultant - something like “consultant setup in the box”. Ideally I have the basic set up right from the day one - then making it better as it goes.

I can see people in this forum use DT3 for some unbelievable things/purposes, but I am not that far yet. But, I will probably start with one-by-one approach…


Due to the flexibility of DEVONthink and the different preferences of users the workflows & databases can vary a lot. Did you have a look at the eBooks, see DEVONtechnologies | Handbooks and Extras? Not only the handbook but also Take Control of DEVONthink 3.

While this sounds like a nice goal, I would suggest you approach DEVONthink with less pressure to perform.
You’re not going to create a complex web of functions and data from scratch and “get it right from day one”.

Start with a basic goal, like “File my invoices and receipts”. Get a feel for how you’d organize and search for these things. Then move on to another goal.

Here’s a simple truth and way to start organizing: If you can run the Finder, you can run DEVONthink. Not hyperbole; not tongue-in-cheek. (It’s just DEVONthink is smarter and more capable, though it’s not a Finder replacement.) So start off with how you’d organize in the Finder and apply those concepts to DEVONthink.