Predictions for 2.0 Features and Release Date

So, what new features or major fixes are we all expecting in 2.0 and when do we think it will be released?

My release date guess: April 8th, '05. It’s a Friday and I’m just pulling that date out of the ether.

My predictions of major new features/fixes in DT 2.0:

–Alarms (the ability to attach an alarm to any document or group)
–Lead Time Invisification (the ability to invisify any group or document from the DB hierarchy until a certain date)
–Boolean Operators in Search
–Integration with some sort of universal search tool, like LaunchBar, or DT-implemented similar solution
–Keyboard control of search parameters (i.e., All Words/Any Word/Phrase/Wildcards/etc.)
–Native Import of Apple Mail messages
–Custom Fields(!)
–Improved DB corruption resistance on hard boots
–AutoSave at shorter intervals
–Completely overhauled look and feel
–Free Ark II-style jet pack with every license :laughing:

Anybody else care to speculate?