Pref to have database Inbox act like v2

I’ve been trying out the new not Unified Database option, and I do find it very useful. But as I do move items from one database to another on an irregular basis, this is now impossible in one step. It’s not too much of a problem, but I would prefer the behaviour of v2 restored as a preference option (as I suspect it’s not to everyone’s taste).

In v2, if I dropped an item on the database icon in the main list, that item would be placed in the database’s Inbox for me to then find a proper location later. Now it is just added to the top most level, which is created and sorted correctly.

I do use some smart rules/folders, but I find the only way I can get a handle of what I have in my research is by using a firm hierarchical structure to my work, so the point of the Inbox seems to me exactly for unsorted items and therefore is the natural location for items to appear if they are dropped onto a database.


You could also use Data > Move To… or the “Move To” submenus of contextual menus. Or drag & drop onto a detached Go > Go To… popover or onto the Sorter.

Thanks, will check these out.

When you use the Unified Inboxes view mode you have all your inboxes at hand in one place and could drag items there. You could also add inboxes to Favorites.

That said, I’m a member of the other team—dragging onto a databases’s icon for me must be addressed to its root folder, not its inbox. If not there were two drag actions that would move items to the inbox while none to the root folder.

But since there are so many ways of using DEVONthink I agree that a preference option to chose the preferred behaviour would be best.

I get you, that’s why I suggested a preference to mimic v2, figured there would be people needing it the other way. I used the Unified Inboxes at the beginning and didn’t think much of it, but with one database view, yep it might make more sense now. Thanks.

Would an option to enable spring-loaded databases, similar to the way this works for macOS Finder, be a possible solution?

Items in the Navigate sidebar that can be hoisted, e.g., Inboxes or groups, are already spring-loaded.

I think Favourites is the best option as is. I just don’t like the way Global Inbox becomes complicated, together with the loss of a real Inbox in the database with Unified.

You know the “Move To” in the menu, the list appears in alphabetical order in my database, I have my real Sidebar list unsorted and in a particular order of my choosing. Is there any way to control the order I see in the “Move To” list?

No, the search results are sorted by name.