Preference to change the default Classify behavior

I’m an academic, and recently started using DEVONthink for both research and teaching (e.g., one database that indexes my Papers research database; another that holds possible readings for a class). Since my DT files need to play nice with other software, I use an extensive hierarchy of OpenMeta tags (e.g., science_studies contains both history_of_science and philosophy_of_science; philosophy_of_science contains philosophy_of_physics, philosophy_of_biology, causation, and science_and_policy), which I represent as groups in DT. It’s thus common for files to be in several lowest-level groups.

The See Also & Classify drawer is extremely useful for generating a list of suggested groups/OpenMeta tags for new files. However, there are almost always appropriate groups that aren’t listed. Because the classify button at the top of the drawer moves files (rather than replicating them), it won’t fit with my workflow in either obvious way:

  • If I type the appropriate-but-not-suggested groups into the tags bar first, they will be erased when I click the classify button.
  • If I click the classify button first, the file is moved out of the working folder (e.g., the database Inbox), and I have to track it down in order to add it to the appropriate-but-not-suggested groups.

The classify button would be much more useful to me if a preference could set it to replicate rather than move files.

As a work-around, you can option-command-drag the document into one or more groups in the See Also & Classify drawer to replicate them. The original replicant will remain in the original group. Dragging a document onto one of the groups in the See Also & Classify drawer will move it. Both methods of dragging will preserve the tags you have assigned.