Prefix change script?


I realize that DTP provides a script that allows users to add prefixes. But is there a script that enables users to change prefixes?

Here’s my scenario…

I originally create a file of questions with, and then save it a QTS prefix. I use the QTS file as reference file to ask questions, separated in one column, and then use the other column to type up answers and notes. After I’m done, I’d like to convert the QTS prefix to INT for interview (though sometimes I change it to NTS, for notes) – and then I move that file to my INT folder (or NTS group).

Is there an existing script out there that I could tweak so that it could convert a QTS prefix to a INT prefix (or an INT or NTS prefix)?

Also, would it be possible to combine such a script with the Move script?

Thanks very much!

You can use the Script menu > Rename > Rename with Regex script to change the prefix.

This is not a trivial thing. You can’t just tie scripts together in a simple way.

Thanks for the suggestion.