Prefix date stamp using Smart Rule

Is it possible to prefix a date stamp to an existing title using Smart Rules?

For instance, when I clip something in DT or DTTG, I want to be able to quickly enter a useful title like “james-on lanterns” and then have DT automatically add the document’s Creation date yymmddhhmmss as a prefix to the title, giving something like:

202007101005-james-on lanterns

Can this be done?

Sure; set up your smart rule to select your documents (e.g. kind is document, on clipping or whatever you can do to narrow down the rule to the documents you want) and as the action select „change name“. For the name, control click and select insert placeholder. The two you want is creation date and name, selecting the components of creation date you want, followed by “-” and name


That did it! Wasn’t aware of the ctrl-click function to fine-tune placeholders. Thank you for the support.