Preparing to use the public beta of the new version 3

I thought I might test the new version by downloading and installing the public beta. I have a couple of questions about doing this.

Firstly - if I go ahead, and set up syncing (which I currently do for most of my databases via a sync store in the Dropbox App folder, hidden from my Mac’s Dropbox folder in the Finder by ‘selective sync’), will the new version be able to use this sync store straight away, in just the same way as the old? I take it it’s just a matter of opening my databases with the new version and setting up sync in the usual way? No need to clean/remove the database sync store from Dropbox and start again, or anything like that?

Secondly - can the new version reside happily on my Macs alongside the old one for now, or should I de-install the old version first? ( Indeed, would there be any downside to deleting the old version first?)

I’ve exported everything in all databases used by the old version to an external drive as a precaution, in case things go wrong.

So, with the contents of all my databases exported and backed-up, if I completely de-install DT2 and install DT3, will DT3 operate as usual with the existing sync stores being used over Dropbox? Your linked thread didn’t really answer this.