Preserve document names with "Open In"

Most of the time when I open a document from DTTG to another app I don’t want to round-trip it back to DTTG. So I don’t want the unintelligible UUID-based filename, I want the name that I gave the document. I’d rather have the UUID-based name as an option, but not the default for Open In. Please consider this change.

I second this request. I work with a lot of files in iAnnotate and it gets messy.

+1 on this.

This UUID stuff is a great idea when editing one document, sending it back to DDTG and deleting it. But when I am simply viewing more than one document, it’s a pain to distinguish them from each other in other apps.

We’re discussing this internally, so the request has been noted.


The problem here are: a) The “Open In” menu is maintained by iOS itself. No way to decide anything before using it. b) We need to have some unique identifier in the name of the document because otherwise the round-trip is not possible. iOS is very limited here I am afraid. We are playing with the idea of using the document name and adding the UUID in parenthesis or such.