prevent devonthink to go from "sleepmode"


is there a way to prevent DTTG from sleepmode in IOS?


DEVONthink To Go shouldn’t sleep while synchronizing. Or do you want to disable sleeping completely? That’s not possible.

well, on my ipad DTTG fells asleep during sync… that is annoying and i don’t know how to solve it…

The display might sleep but the app shouldn’t during the synchronization.

My iPhone also goes to sleep. I still have 13000 docs to sync in chunks of something like 300 a piece. I already synched the same amount and I’m afraid it will take another month.

If this is not an exaggeration, and you’re using a remote Sync location, I would reconsider using a remote Sync location.

turn off sleep mode for the device. that’s what i do. otherwise it never gets synced for me.

That shouldn’t happen. When the sync starts it officially registers as a user-initiated task which should keep the device from sleeping. We’ll revisit this to make sure the device doesn’t go to sleep during sync (unless the user presses the button).

Background sync doesn’t work for me either (as in: every time i switch to the app, it has the same files as the last time i have left it. even after 3 hours). Is this related?

iOS apps are not allowed to use more than 180 seconds in the background, then they’re killed. If we do background sync, its energy impact is registered and if it takes longer than a few seconds: Kill. For example, OmniFocus does this, and my iPhone’s log is full with ‘crash logs’ where OmniFocus was killed for exactly that. And it only syncs a few tasks, not many megabytes of documents.

Sorry, iOS is not (yet) made for background processing.

Eric, just checked myself. OF hasn’t had a single crash in ages, consistently syncs for longer than 30 seconds.
DT doesn’t sync at all, even just removing files (which doesn’t require megabytes of documents as it doesn’t require any documents at all, it should be as lightweight as OF). Yet it performs significantly worse than OF.

The only problems I have had with sleep mode is when I install the app and have to index all my 28.000 items. Need to wake it up from time to time.

couldn’t you offer the option to turn sleep mode off at all? for example the IOS app “goodreader” is capable of that … syncing there is no problem…


DTTG iOS app has not background synchro!!

No big deal, its only the first index that takes time, after that just seconds if you get a couple of hundred items synced.

New version seems to be faster in all aspects! Sync extremely fast and much faster search - or maybe I am just too positive :wink:.

Greatest app there ever was!