Prevent search term sharing between MacOS apps

Just a typo, com.devontechnologies.think3 should be com.devon-technologies.think3

ah that worked, thank you!!

Here’s a funny UX issue with the PDF version of the manual.

On page 253, I see now that it shows the correct text with hyphen

Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 5.59.34 PM

however, if you try to cut and paste that string like I did, when you paste into the terminal, it removes the hyphen.

pasting that highlighted section in my screenshot looks like this in terminal :

$ defaults write com.devontechnologies.think3
ShouldScaleAttachedImages -bool TRUE

I suspect because MacOS copy / paste sees the hyphen which is also a line break, and falsely assumes it is there only to divide the lines but is not actually a “hyphen” character in the string.

A bit of a weird thing and I am pretty sure I’ve done that before with the same scratching my head why the hidden pref didn’t work, so I need to set a big reminder to myself to use devon-technologies.

Just a warning to anyone trying to copy/paste the hidden pref syntax from the manual that it might remove the hyphen on you.

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Why are you running the command from the Terminal? While it can be used it is not necessary for most of the available options. The Help clearly notes this right at the top of the Appendix > Hidden Preferences section…

This applies the preference without the need to open Terminal and potentially mistype or use incorrect syntax for a command.

Good to know for future reference. I honestly don’t look at the DT help in the app that much, and tend to go check the manual first.

Generally speaking, it is more natural for me to use the terminal where possible, but shortcuts that prevent potential typos and errors are always welcome.

Thanks for the tip
Question: In the list of hidden preferences, for those items whose names start with “Disable”, which of the corresponding On/Off controls mean Disable (i.e., does “On” mean Disable)?


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