Preview showing wrong document

Lately it has often happened to me that the selected document (middle column) and the document shown in the preview (right column) do not match (see picture, please compare the titles of the documents).

Description: I open a pdf from the middle column in DT, read this, close the document again. The document is still selected in the middle column, but the wrong document is displayed in the right column (in the example the document above in the middle column). If I now file the document with the automatic function in the Inspector, the selected document in the middle column is not moved but the document that is shown in the right column.

This happens not every time but in the last days it did happen a few times. Running latest release auf DT 3.6.3.

I think this is not to be expected…

How do you exactly open it?

By double clicking on the document in the middle column. DT is set to open it view the internal viewer.

With your settings a double-click opens a document internally in DEVONthik but in a new window. When you close that window the selected document in the list is not the one that has been visible in the separate window but the one selected before. Double-clicking is not selecting but it is displayed in the list as if it was selected. This has never been different, has it?

Is opening the document in a separate window necessary at all? If not, why not click on the document only once?

If I double click on a document it opens in a new window outside the main window, this is right. I am reading in this way because I have the main window of DT open on another monitor than where I read. I find the main window to distracting with the other panes and I really like to have only the document I am working on be visible on another monitor.