Previewing pdfs

I have imported a number of pdfs of music notation into DTP with the ‘Save to DevonThink Pro scpt’-option available from the print dialog box in two different notation programs (Finale and Sibelius). Using a two-pane view, the pdf from Finale looks great - like in Acrobat, while the pdfs from Sibelius looks quite bad, - staff lines have different width, and not much detail. The files from Sibelius looks the same when opened in Preview, but looks perfect when opened in Acrobat Reader.
Anything to select to get a nice view also in the two-window pane?

Hmmm… PDFs “printed” from two different applications look different in quality under PDFKit in DT Pro or Preview, but the same in quality under Acrobat Reader.

Please send a PDF created from the Sibelius application as an attachment in an email to Support. Copy your post as the text of the email message.

To send a message to Support: in DT Pro, select Help > Support and a new message will be started in your default email application.