Previous Instance/Next Instance??

Sometimes these work, but most of the time they don’t. I select a replicant, I click on the menu item, and nothing happens. Or it just takes me to the parent folder of the current record. What am I doing wrong?

Nothing, it is like that. One of the ugly inconsistencies. Christian said that everything will be solved in 2.0. Hopefully…


Yep, hopefully locating and managing replicants will improve in 2.x.

Please let this be fixed in DT 2.0.

In my opinion instances are as often about context as content – in other words I often need to know the different contexts in which I’ve replicated folders or files of information. When the next/previous instance menu command doesn’t work and the find window only reveals ONE context for the replicant I’m at a considerable loss.

Surely others experience this? I find it quite frustrating.

(I work with DT every day all day and cannot imagine life without it)

– Paul

I’ve just remembered a caveat/trick to get around the aforementioned menu item inconsistency which someone else (Bill?) once posted here. I can’t seem to find the specific post now but here is a potential workaround (at least it works for me in the split vertical view):

In the case where one doesn’t “drill down” from the root level of the database by double-clicking groups/folders but simply navigates to the location of one of the instances by clicking the reveal triangle – the next or previous instance menu item seems to work…

I discovered this once before but forgot again. I hope this helps someone else who finds themselves in a similar situation!

– Paul