Print non-contiguous pages

Hi, a suggest. I sometimes find it useful to print non-contiguous pages, say, pages 1, 3-4, 8 & 10. Rather than run multiple print jobs, it would be a useful addition to be able to do this in DTPO rather than have to open the PDF in Adobe Reader just to do this.

Probably it’s limited by what the system provides? Does Preview on Snow Leopard support printing/saving non-contiguous page ranges? It doesn’t on Leopard, alas.

No, it’s not a system-wide feature. It would have to be a custom-made print dialog box.

Which implies default Snow Leopard print dialogs don’t have non-contiguous page range support. Oh, well.

It may not be exactly what you want, but in Snow Leopard, Apple’s Preview application does allow non-contiguous printing. Make sure the side bar is active, then command click on the desired page icons. Then use the File Menu command Print Selected Pages… (which also has a keyboard shortcut).

Unfortunately the built-in PDF viewer currently used in DTPro 2.0b8 does not allow this. You cannot select more than one page in its sidebar. So you would have to “Open with Preview” in order to do this for a PDF stored in DTPro, but that is not so egregious.

Maybe the DT crew can say whether Apple’s API makes this feature available for integration in the built-in PDF viewer.

You can select more than one page in DT’s PDF sidebar-I use it often to copy/paste and delete a non-contiguous range of pages. However (unlike Preview) the File>Print command does not change from ‘Print…’ to ‘Print Selected Pages…’ as does in Preview. Also, Preview works this way in both Leopard and Snow Leopard.

Thanks for the Print Selected Pages… tip in Preview. Never noticed that; was just deleting unwanted pages before printing.

mpm, nice tip. Thanks!

One of the uses for non-contiguous printing is to print double sided 2-up pages. I use Adobe Reader to print pages 1-1, 5-6, 9-10, etc at 2-up, then flip the printed pages around in the printer & reinsert them to print pages 3-4, 7-8, 11-12, etc. Your workaround will manage this, but will be a little slower selecting pages rather than typing in page numbers.

Very strange. I wasn’t sure about DT so I tested it first before sending that original post. I definitely could not cmd-click on more than one page. But I just tried it again and it works. Don’t know what document I was using the first time. Anyway, good to know it can work in DT.