Print of a document as .pdf to Devonthink doesn't work...

I have 10.3.9
I have DT 1.9.6 (Licenz)

I will print following page as .pdf to DT … =106464-en

It comes following message

Devonthink got an error: alias “Macintosh HD:private:temp:printing.439.2:Print job.pdf” doesn’t understand the <> message

What is the problem and why can I not store this document

Jochen (.de)


DT Personal no longer uses scripts. See online Help: “To conveniently “print” documents as PDFs to your DEVONthink database, simply add an alias to the DEVONthink application to the directory “~/Library/PDF Services”. This does not give you the option to choose the name of the “printed” file as well as the destination group but creates a PDF of the “printed” document and adds this to DEVONthink.”