print size

I create a lot of documents using templates (eg research critiques of articles). I often need to print them out. The problem is the print size is too small even though the documents were created using at least 11 to 12 point fonts. I have attached a copy for illustration purposes. The font is too small for the print copy to be useful

Is this an RTF file?

Yes, RTF

Did you enable the print option to wrap the document to the page size?

Where would I enable this print function (if not already enabled?)

In the File > Print panel. Ensure that the options are visible, then choose “DEVONthink” in the popup menu.

The size of the print is controlled by the size of the display. Open the document in its own window, press Command-Shift-R to show the ruler, and resize the window to approimately the width of the paper you’re printing to. (Note: This is chosen in File > Page Setup.) The size of the print should more closely match.
You can also enable “Rewrap contents to fit page”, as Criss suggested.