print to DT script doesn't allow naming files

the pdf-script that enhances osx’s print dialogue with a “print to DT” option is great! but it doesn’t work well with a number of apps. when you want to “print to DT” from an app you get a dialogue prompting you to enter a name for the file to be saved - printing to DT from preview as an example works fine. but in safari or mozilla there is now way of editing the filename - it will always stay at “printjob.pdf”.
is this a bug in DT, in the browsers (html) and what is the workaround? generally i love this script as it is the perfect time saver!

Just checked this in Safari - no problems (with or without a “.pdf” file extension). Please try to install the latest script - maybe this will fix this problem (if this should be related to the script). But it’s definitely not a bug of DT.

thanks for checking!

i repaired the permissions. i use the newest script (the one which comes with DT - i have found no other place to download any newer versions). in safari everything works well now, the same accounts for IE - only my favourite browser mozilla won’t behave properly (1.5 as well as the brand new nightly build 1.6a) - when i click into the pop up window to name the file, the default phrase  “printjob.pdf” is highlighted but as soon as i start typing the cursor moves through text on the webpage instead of staying n the editing pop up window.

that is a little bit annoying as i cannot switch to safari as safari still distorts numerous webpages and IE does not allow for tabbed browsing, "sports" security problems and will probably not be developed any further.

This sounds like a bug of Mozilla’s event handling. Did you try Camino?


guess what i did 20 minutes ago… installed camino. and it works fine! i only miss acouple of minor features (page and image properties, media etc.). but for these special things that occur rarely i can still use mozilla!

the script - by the way - works just fine with camino! and i found a workaround for the missing mail to button: the service!