Print too small in New Rich Text File

In any new Rich Text File I create, the text appears normal on the computer display.  However, the horizontal ruler shows 15 inches, and when printed the text is extremely small. I can fix this in the textedit program by using the "wrap to page" command, but I cannot get it to print appropriate text size from within DT. Is there a way to get the ruler to be the normal 8.5 inches accross and therefore print text the correct size. Thanks

If you drag the lower right corner of the window (resize handle) and resize it so that the triangle in the upper right is at the desired margin size (~8.5"), when you print it will "normally".

I can duplicate the tiny print size by dragging the resize handle so that the window ruler is ~15" wide in a DT .rtf document.

If I take the same .rtf document and resize it as noted above, it prints with what appears to be a much larger font.

(This was done within DT and not text edit).



Currently there’s no page wrapping in DT and therefore DT uses a similar behaviour like TextEdit’s documents without borders - scale the page if the window is too wide. But page wrapping will come.

Great!  It works.  Thanks very much.