Print works to DT

It seems like DT is primarily geared toward organizing electronic formatted date (web sites, .pdf files, HTML files, etc.). But does anyone type information from print material into DT, from books or from old newspapers, for instance? In my experience, this has been rather difficult (much moreso than writing notes on a legal pad). I can say this is often attributed to the minor uncomfort and unwakrness in trying to hold one’s place in a book, and read from it as the pages turn and the one is losing his grip over the book, and trying to type it into the computer.

I have thought about remedies, such as using a voice-to-text program to dictate passages (iListen), but I am unsure about the sophistication of that technology at this point.

Any experience on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not sure I understand the problem. I constantly type information from print into DT (and other programs). I use a book holder. I have one that is plastic and works great and sits on my desk and another that is wire and very thin, folds nicely in my laptop’s bag and holds books open just fine. I have the book sitting right next to my monitor and it is quite easy and elegant and I spend hours doing research this way.

If I don’t have my wire book holder, I find anything will do, like my cell phone, or my iPod, or whatever is at hand to hold pages open while I type!

If I’ve oversimplified your problem, I apologize. But I’ve been typing information into computers from print material for years and years and find Dt no more or less difficult or cumbersome in this regard as any other program.