Printing converted PDFs

I have a couple of pdfs in my database that I had converted to rtf format (which was a lot more useful before Apple added pdf searching to Preview) via DT’s convert functionality (you know, so it shows up as rich text in DT, but opens externally as a pdf).

Anyway, today I needed to print a copy of one of these pdfs, and instead of opening it in Preview and printing from there, I just printed from DT.  To my (mild, in retrospect) surprise, it wasn’t the pdf that printed, but rather the rich text version (which is horribly mangled in places), forcing me to open it in Preview and reprint…

Shouldn’t DT perhaps recognize that the document is an rtf converted from a pdf in the database, and at least ask which version the user wants to print?

DT always prints the current content - this is probably the most consistent and easiest behaviour (especially as the content might have been modified).