Printing many documents

Does anyone know how to batch print a bunch of documents from Devonthink? If I highlight a bunch of documents and hit “print” it just prints the highlighted list, rather than the documents themselves.


If you drop a stack of documents onto your printer, the documents will be printed one by one. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to ~/Library/Printers/[name of your printer].app
  2. Make an alias to [name of your printer].app and put the alias on the Desktop
  3. With a Finder window open to the Desktop, go to DEVONthink, select the documents you want to print, and drag the entire selection into the Finder window and drop it on the printer’s alias.

The printer queue will open and each document will print in turn.

Couple of alternatives to steps 1 and 2:

  1. Don’t make an alias, just drop the files on the printer in the Library. It’s not a great idea to be dropping things into the Library, which is why I suggested using a Desktop alias.
  2. Drag the printer into the Dock, where it will stick and you can drag the stack of documents you want to print onto the printer icon in the Dock

This isn’t just for DEVONthink. You can drop a stack of documents from Finder, or just about any file list, on to a printer.

Thanks! Helpful kludge—appreciate it. Odd that Devonthink doesn’t offer a way for one to do this natively; I wonder if doing it this way will let one correctly set printer settings (like 2-sidedness, etc.)

How do you do this, but as PDFs? IOW, export/print a whole folder of entries into a single PDF?

If you want to combine an entire group of PDFs into a single PDF for export/printing, use DEVONthink’s Merge command to create a single PDF from the selection.