printing outlines?

In an attempt to rid myself of other apps, I am going to try to use the outlining “feature” in DT. Have not done so yet. Is there a way to print the outlines, I can’t seem to figure it out. Since the outline is really a list of groups and docs DT seems only to be able to print docs… is this the case or am I missing something. I know I could export into .opml but want to find the quickest way possible to print outline lists in DT. Is there a “Print Window” feature lurking somewhere? Thanks for any help.

I don’t believe that a “print window” type feature exists.
Short of either exporting or a screenshot, I’m not sure what you might do.

Since I posted above I discovered that yoiu can actually print a window now – perhaps this is new in DT Pro…? All you do is: with the focus on a window (not a doc) select “Print” and it prints your window with the columns you have displayed. Have only tried this in List view. Sometimes the printout is a bit quirky, and there are no options – but it is useable and step in the right direction. :slight_smile: