Printing PDF

When I try to print a PDF that I saved in DT from Safari, the whole thing is stored on a single page, in a little bitty narrow column, and the print is tiny tiny tiny. I want to be able to print out something that I can read.

Maybe the solution is simple and I’m a dunderhead, but if anyone can help, I’d most appreciate it.

This is where your problem likely begins, but it would be helpful to know how you saved the PDF. With the DEVONthink clipper? Print to PDF from Safari? Use the save function in Adobe Reader? There are lots of methods to do this. If you saved the PDF with the DEVONthink clipper and the “PDF (One Page)” setting is set, then that’s what you get.

Also, check your settings in the print dialog from DTPO, in particular these, which adjust how the content is laid on on the page:

A PDF on a single page is not easy to break down into multiple pages without Acrobat or some other tool.

Thanks. I’m using the clipper, but whether I use one page or paginated, I get the same format when I try to print.

Is there a way to clip PDFs from the clipper that allow me to print readable PDFs?

And, if not, can you recommend another method.

Much appreciated

To clarify what’s happening – I’m assuming that the page you are looking at in Safari is already a PDF, and you are using the DEVONthink clipper to save the PDF as a PDF. Is that correct?

If you are already have a PDF open in Safari, don’t use the clipper. Using the clipper to save what’s already a PDF doesn’t work out well, I’ve found. Either use Save As from Safari to save the PDF to DEVONthink’s Inbox, or use Print > PDF from Safari and save to the Inbox.