Printing Tags and Annotations

When attempting to compile, the error on line 4 highlighted on the word “records.”

The error is:

Error 1b

It’s hard to see in your screencap but I’m wondering if you have typographer’s quotes instead of straight quotes in the previous line.

Confirmed I’m not using typographer’s quotes. I promise if I knew how to fix this, I would. Thanks for your help. I appreciate you.

You’re welcome.
Did you try @cgrunenberg’s script instead?

I did and received the same error.

Perhaps this could be added as a feature in future updates?

Good morning.
I went back through everything one last time this morning… carefully following every step… that I carefully followed 15 times before… while being carefully watched by my beautiful wife… who is much more intelligent than me.
The script now magically works. At least for the moment.
Perhaps someone can enlighten me.
Does Applescript sometimes have a mind of its own?

Does Applescript sometimes have a mind of its own?

Perhaps, it was just enamoured with your lovely wife :wink: