Is there really no way to print a long list of documents in a folder with just one print command? Do I really have to click on each and print them individually?

If that’s the case, I can’t believe a database product would go for years without such a feature, and I wonder when it will be available. It’s just so basic. I am quite sure there must be many many users out there who agree with me.

This problem is so serious that I have never recommended Devonthink to anyone looking for a Mac database. I do point out this problem and they invariably tell me to let them know when such simple procedures are available. (Automatic backup is another no brainer people don’t want to live without.)

I am sure the developers are not, as they say, picking their noses. I am sure they are very busy. But do they understand how not providing simple features like these hurts potential sales, and creates frustration and possible ill will among users?

If there is a way to perform this basic function and I haven’t figured it out, please let me know, and update your documentation accordingly.

If I am correct that this basic feature does not exist, please please let us know when it will be added. (Or, if there are no plans to add it, let us know that too, so we can be on the outlook for better databases.)

Thank you

You spoke my mind. These two things are essential. Thank you.