Prioritizing Document Retrieval over Sync?

I have several databases set up for thin sync (download only on demand) on DTTG.

I find fairly often that when I try to download/view a document on the iPhone, DTTG first tries to complete background sync processes. Thus there can be a wait of 1-15 minutes while that sync completes depending on what has to be synced and the speed of my connection at the moment.

I would prefer for the app to give higher priority to downloading an item that has been requested and then resume the rest of the sync afterwards. That would make the app much more useful. Otherwise I find myself wanting to quickly access a document say when I get a phone call and need to look something up, but the app becomes basically unusable until the entire sync process is completed, much of which involves data which is not pertinent at the moment.

Could you consider this?


The request is noted.