Pristine Versions of Scripts?

Hello! I have modified the Import, OCR, and delete script aiming to target a specific destination folder. It is not working, and I’m sure I will figure it out eventually, but in the meantime I am concerned that I have lost the original code. Is there any way to access the original script (the version that shipped with DevonThink before I made any modifications), or am I stuck with what I changed it to?

Those scripts are contained in DEVONthink’s bundle at /Contents/Resources/Application Scripts/.

Make sure you COPY them.

Thank you. Again, sorry for such a basic question, but where do I find this “Contents” folder? I don’t see one in the root directory for my machine. So, where should I look for it?

This folder is actually under DEVONthink’s Folder in /Applications. Go to the Applications folder in Finder, right mouse click on “DEVONthink” to “Show Package Contents” and from there you’ll find it.

In Finder, ctrl-click on DT, and select “Show package contents”.
Again, do not change anything in there, just copy the scripts you need.