Private investor - stocks & funds

Dear all
This is my second post about private usage. The first was more a general private usage scenary case, but anyone use DT (I’m on DTPO) for private investments such as stocks and funds.

Do you have a investor / trading log?
Do you use DT for capture strategies?
Do you use DT for capture new ideas?
And perhaps and Excel templates to share?

I’m mainly on the Nordics exchanges and in particular Stockholm but think this is a general / global question.

Hi Swoop
I did not use DPTO (yet) for stocks for now because I was far from my trading desk for a few years.
But I am back to active trading now and I am starting a new database for this activity.

I am not on the European stock market but I guess need is the same: collecting info - screens - keeping track of sectors and of individual stocks. Keeping tracks of my monthly statements etc

I consider this database to be my dashboard with pages of bookmarks (I also use Onetab for Google chrome for collecting bookmarks on the fly and referring to them - storing the Onetab URL on a DTPO page.

Explore - I will as well - maybe we can share about structure of our DB later one.

The great thing with DT is that you can rearrange things to adapt to your needs so exploring is never useless.


Hi milena76

I totally agree that it’s a huge benefit with the flexibility of DT - the possibility to re-arrange stuff later on.

I don’t see the big difference being on the European market vs the US market, so feel to contact me later on. Let’s be inspired, would love to hear about your findings, how you structure stuff.