Private usage of DT

Dear all
I understand that most of you use DT for work e.g. research but I’m using DTPO for private usage and then wonder if anyone could share how they privately use DT. I’m still new so would like to hear other ideas.

This is to me a great inspiration: … evonthink/

What do you put in here? How is your system / structure? What’s your workflow?

It’s a good question – are you aware it has been answered many times in the past in this forum by some very thoughtful participants? I realize is isn’t an easy forum to browse, but the search features are OK. This forum, Eric’s [url]blog[/url], and merely browsing Google for “DEOVNthink use cases”, Joe Kissel’s recently updated book on DEVONthink (from TakingControl books), the DEVONthink manual, the Solutions pages – all of these will give you broad set of advice on the possibilities with DEVONthink. Notice: the section of the forum where you posted your question has 706 thread on the topic “Usage Scenarios”. Worth a browse?

This isn’t meant as criticism – but participants who in the past spent several hours of their time answering this same question are not likely to do that again – and might not bother to point you to their postings – so you wouldn’t want to miss out.

And nothing beats experimentation. I would hazard a guess that only a small percentage of users have built DEVONthink databases just because they read about how someone else used the program. Jump in – any of the resources mentioned above will get you started.

By the way, one of the least useful questions in tech is “what’s your workflow” – the question you would want to answer is “what am I tyring to do”? “What are my needs” – and then look for answers that get you the results you need.

Happy hunting :slight_smile: