Pro having trouble with some CSS?

Here’s an example of a Web page where Pro apparently cannot deal with markup (probably a lot of CSS) that all Mac browsers display fine:

Maybe this page will help suggest some necessary fixes.

The WebKit implementation in DT Pro is pretty simple. DEVONagent’s browser can do a better job on the example Web page, but can’t handle some of the links, such as “Print”. Safari does a pretty complete job.

The built-in browser in DT/DT Pro will continue to get better over time, especially as Apple updates WebKit. But this browser probably won’t try to be a state-of-the-art browser, capable of rendering all the myriad little tricks of Web page designers.

So if a page doesn’t render properly, click in the URL address to open it in your default browser (which, in my case, is DEVONagent). :slight_smile:

Understood. I just pointed to the problem page because it’s nice for developers to have a reproducible example of a problem. :smiley:

I own Agent, but have yet to figure out good ways to make it work for me. I’ve just returned to a full-time writing career, and DT Pro is my friend. Must get to a similar place with Agent.

My default browser is OmniWeb (also based on WebKit, right?) because their implementation of tabbed browsing (with page thumbnails in a drawer) has become indispensable.


By the way, thanks for that supplied link. I found the article very interesting.

Bill: Sent you a PM on this board, since this is way OT. Thanks.