Pro Office and ScanSnap questions

I am about to upgrade to Pro Office and purchase the ScanSnap, but just wanted to make sure of a few things before I do. Please excuse my ignorance.
When I scan something as a PDF and use OCR, does this mean I can go in and edit the type, once I have saved it in Word or other text apps?
Does anyone have any tips for someone living in the UK on which is a good scanner to get? I am looking for one that is reasonably fast and will scan both sides of a sheet, hopefully with a paper feeder, too.
Any other tips, please feel free to let me know.
I am looking to write large books with this as my knowledge base/organiser and with sources, quotes, etc, so it will be used often and with large amounts of scans.

OCR creates a text layer in the PDF. It is possible to then select and copy the text, and paste it elsewhere. This can be a painful process in DTPO for big files. It is easier with Acrobat and some othe PDF editing apps. (GoodReader, on iOS is pretty good at this.)

OK, thanks, Korm. I’ll have a look at GoodReader.

I’ve owned the Fujitsu SnapScan S1500M for about 2 weeks, and have scanned close to 50 lbs of paper (several thousand pages) in that time.

It’s a good unit and it works as advertised - 20 pages per minute, double-sided, at 300 dpi color. (OCR is much, much slower than that.)

Integration with DEVONthink Pro Office is reasonable: you scan the docs in the ScanSnap software (provided by Fujitsu,) and after the scan is done it is “handed off” to DEVONthink which will request that you name & tag the file. DEVONthink will then perform OCR on it in the background.

You can read more detailed remarks on the scanner at my blog, at this link: