Pro Office crashes batch coverting Tiff files

I just purchased Pro Office last night. My first task was to import some discovery that was digitally produced in some litigation. The files are all .tiff and are one page per file. I have thousands of files. Every time I try to import and convert more than about 250-300 images at a time the whole program crashes. IS this a limitation of the software? The OCR is slower than I would like, but if I could leave processing overnight it would be no big deal. However, the small limit without crashing makes importing the data and converting far less practical.

Could you send the crash log (see ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter) to our support address? Because that’s of course not a limitation and shouldn’t happen.

I have sent the logs. Thank you for the prompt reply. I will look forward to finding out if it is a setting on my end or a bug in the program. I have still managed to import several thousand pages. I just have to do it a little at a time in between my other work.

I was able to batch convert them with acrobat several thousand at a time. Is there a way to integrate acrobat into a work flow inside DTPO? given the smaller file sizes and ability to run large batches it seems like that would be a good solution for people who own acrobat also.

There situations in which I have also wished to automate that (ie, something like selecting a bunch of files in DTPO, getting Acrobat to do OCR and reimporting them). I have not, however, managed to find a way of scripting Acrobat with Applescript; the other bits are easy, but this one seems not. From when I tried doing this, I got the impression that Acrobat can be automated with Javascript (or some sort of extension of Javascript), although I don’t know Javascript and so haven’t pursued this.

However, while the size of the pdfs produced by acrobat tends to be smaller, and the visual quality is often higher, and it’s somewhat faster, I have noticed that the quality of the OCR (ie, the actual text) is somewhat to quite a bit worse. This can affect the “see also” and classification features. So it’s a tradeoff anyway, if you are using those features.

Thank you for the information. I had not considered the quality of the OCR. I have noticed that the speed difference is pretty significant. I would estimate that acrobat is between 3-5X quicker than DTPO at batch conversion of files. It would be nice if acrobat integration was included. So far I find DTPO to be a great value, but I would rather pay 2or 3 times the current price and have the software more polished.