Pro Office - Mobile Web Server 2MB file limit

I’m currently using Devonthink Pro Office… I have set up the webserver and need to access my files from an iPad when out of the office. The problem is I have many pdfs and files over 2mb and it will not let me download them. Is there any way to modify this setting in order to allow me to download them or prompt me as it does on the desktop version?


I have the same problem! 2MB is not enough!
I want to set the download limit per document myself!
For me there should be no limit!

How can I change this?

I got the following answer the same day. Thank you very much! Good support, great application!

Dear W.,

The limit is due to an issue in Safari handling larger documents, and hence the limit is not changeable. This limit is only on the iPhone version and accessing your data from an iPad would not encounter the limit.

Best regards