Pro to Office Upgrade?

I quickly hit the limit of the DTPO beta’s email import feature. Second import quick.

Based on your previous work, and the quality of your company, I wanted to go ahead and upgrade to DTPO. I don’t see an upgrade path from DTP to DTPO. Is this intentional?


Robert Occhialini

I don’t have a scanner (although I’ve considered getting one). Is importing e-mail really worth another $60 to upgrade? Rounding here, a jump from $80 to $140 (or $150 after the beta, making it a $70 leap and almost double the price of the Pro version) seems excessive.

Is there a place on the site that details the exact benefits of the Office version. DTP is a great program on its own legs. Is DTPO worth that much more?

Will DTP still be maintained and upgraded, or will it fade into history?

Yes, DTP will continue to be maintained and upgraded.

DTPO enhancements, compared to DT Pro are: OCR, greatly enhanced mail archiver and Web server. For some users these enhancements make DTPO much more useful than DT Pro. Such users might include attorneys who need to incorporate scanned material and large collections of email with attachments into their databases. Or scholars who incorporate lots of scanned material. Or people who need to make database contents available for search and reading by others, using Web Server. Or offices that wish to go “paperless” in management and distribution of documents.

But the core document/information management database software is the same for DT Pro and DTPO. Searches, AI features, and document management are the same in both versions. In fact, the databases themselves are interchangeable, so that a document collection created with one application can be opened under the other.

So it’s up to you. DEVONtechnologies has produced an enhanced version that may have value added for some users and not others. It’s more choice for users. :slight_smile:

So there isn’t an upgrade price from DTP to DTPO?


Nevermind, my attention to detail in reading your store form was apparently not as good as it could have been…

Fair enough. DTP is fine for me, and a wonderful product. I wasn’t trying to knock DTPO. The searching by web server is surely quite a feat, but something I don’t need.

Keep up the good work!

I’m afraid I’m not as sharp as you. I’ve found numerous mentions of Personal to Pro upgrade paths, but haven’t yet spotted one for Pro to Pro Office. Could you maybe post a link here?


Now I get it. Owners of Pro licences get a separate email with a coupon allowing them to upgrade for just the price difference.

One related question: I want to buy this with my research budget, but to do so I have to go through an agent rather than getting it myself. Can I just give the agent my code? And if I do this will I receive the licence code email, or will my agent?

Check with your purchasing agent. It would be ideal if the registration could be in your name and if the email address for sending the license code could be yours. But they may have set procedures they have to follow.

OK. Thanks for the quick reply.

Wow, I almost missed the upgrade coupon. The email was sent to my old email address (at earthlink) even though I already updated my email address at DEVONtech’s online shop at The email ended up in the spam folder I hardly check since I don’t use it anymore. Today I needed to email their support people about the problem I’m having that’s probably due to Time Warner to Comcast transition. And since their smtp server refused to send my email, I had to log into the webmail. While I was at it, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to check the spams. So I did and found the email from DEVONtech. It’s a half-miracle story.

Anyway, I sure hope next time the emails are sent to the addresses that are kept in shareit’s user data.