Pro vs Office

I am a new user DEVONThink. In fact I’m still on my trial. I have decided I’m going to purchase the product, but now I’m trying to figure out whether I should go with the Pro version or the office version. I understand the advantage of the OCR feature in office, I’m trying to figure out if there’s anything else in the office that would help me. I do not collaborate with other people, I work by myself. I rarely have to share any information with anybody else. So is there a concrete advantage for a person like me, other than the OCR capability, that I would be able to exploit in the office version?

The Pro Office does have some additional features beyond the OCR capability, such as advanced email import/searching. There is a comparison chart available for all the versions on the DEVON web site here (click on all the tabs to see the full comparison). Personally, I wanted the additional email capabilities in Pro Office more than I needed the integrated OCR.

Thank you for the very helpful information. I was not aware of the email stuff and that would be of value to me as well. Thanks again. Cheers!