Probable a simple question, Everything goes to inbox

I upgraded today everything is great, but all my scans go to the inbox. If I click on another group it still goes to inbox. How do I stop that. Thanks

DEVONthink 2.0 follows the Getting Things Done paradigm here and the inbox is the one place for everything coming in.

That’s true for material saved from an external source. But captured links, notes or pages from within DT are saved in whatever folder you happen to be in. This is sometimes useful, but usually annoying – I’d rather collect it all in the Inbox, or best of all have some way of toggling between them.

If you capture a clipping from the a document that’s displayed in the text pane of, e.g., the Three Panes view (using the contextual menu option for capturing a note from the selected area), the clipping will be saved into the same group as the source document.

But if you have opened the source document within it’s own window (by double-clicking on it), a clipping captured in the same way will be send to the database Inbox.


I have a follow-on question.

I would like to develop a series of pages/notes housed in a single folder about a specific play.

I plan to include character sketch, notes about the various settings, a page of notes on each theme, and a page of quotes.

I would like to interconnect all pages with wiki links. I’ve figured out how to go about creating the links from a central table of contents page, but when I do the new pages goes into my inbox and not into the folder that houses the ToC page.

I appreciate both the search features of DevonThink and the GtD framework. However, I am not so much gathering information as I am structuring what I already know. Is there a streamlined version for using DevonThink to accomplish this? Am I perhaps using the wrong program for the job?

On a side-note, is it possible to get outlines created in Omnioutliner to display in DevonThink? (Not a link but the outline itself?)

Thanks for your time,


I can’t help with your first question as I am unclear what you are asking about ’ when I dodo the new pages’.

I can add that OmniOutliner 3.x documents import nicely into DTP 2 and DTPO 2 and display using Quick Look.


Sorry if I was unclear.

First let me clear up the typo: “dodo” should have been “do.” (I’ve corrected the original post.

What I’d like to do is have new notes created via the “link” command appear in the same folder as the file from which they are created.

Is such a thing possible?

As you’ve guessed, I’m new to this program coming from a pc and OneNote 2007. If you could point me at some orienting materials for DT 2.0 I’d also appreciate it.