Problem archiving results

I just tried to archive the results of a search that had 268 documents but repeated attempts to archive, both using “archive all” and “add to archive”, would only store 111 results. I checked and many results are missing from the archive. I wasn’t checking this earlier so I don’t know if this is new but clearly it is a problem.

The number 268 was shown on the right hand side of the DEVONagent search window, or on the left? The actual number of documents after all filtering (!) is shown on the left hand side, the number of totally found (but then filtered) pages is shown on the right hand side.

I had 268 documents in my result set as shown by the number on the right but only some of them were transfered to the archived, both when I used the “archive all” and when I selected all the documents and used the “add to archive” command.

I have repeated this several times with different searches and when the number of results is over a hundred or so, not all of the results are being transfered. What should I do?

I should add that I manually compared the results and there are many missing results in the archived. I just tried one moe time with a new search, got 108 results and only 37 went to the archive.

Because I often either use customized search sets designed for scheduled searches, or repeat a query with one of the supplied search sets, I’ve almost always got the sets checked to filter (not download and display in results) those results that have already been saved into the Archive. I’ve also checked the filter for similar pages.

When running a series of identical queries over time and filtering out already archived material from the search results, I’ve observed no discrepancy between the number of search results displayed after each search run and the increase in the number of results in the Archive when those results are saved to the Archive.

Please check using Tools > Edit Search Sets. How is your General > Filter - Archived Pages set when you run searches?

I have to say that I cannot follow your line of thought on this. These were fresh searches, not updates and the program simply was not working correctly. I checked a number of times and with different queries

In any event, I fixed the problem with the tried and true method by reinstalling the program and everything is working as it should. I suspect some kind of corruption somewhere and fortunately I didn’t really need the archives I was storing. Hopefully this won’t reoccur because it is a drastic solution. Perhaps it was something I did but I don’t think so.

Thanks for the try anyway.

Hmm. I haven’t seen that problem. The fact that reinstallation of the program solved it for you indicates that something had gone amiss, perhaps including caches, memory errors or whatever.

If the problem recurs, please let us know.

As said above, the number on the RIGHT is the TOTAL of all DOWNLOADED pages. The number on the LEFT is what SURVIVED all the filters. Only the pages that survived the filtering will be added to the archive.
Example: A search returned 300 pages (number on the RIGHT). DEVONagent filtered 200 of them, 100 remain (number on the LEFT). You hit the Archive All button and the 100 pages that are left after all the filtering will be added to the archive.

Sorry but now I’m confused. I just did a new search and on the left: 62 pages with 3455 KB done - on the right 44 documents. Growl notification : 44 results found. When I hiit ‘Add All’, 44 documents were added to the archive - the total number on the right.

No disrespect intended but what eboehnisch is saying just seems to be wrong. I am looking at a search I just did. On the left, it says:

33 pages with 1080kb done

On the right, it says:

7 documents

There are, in fact, seven documents in the results which are now added correctly to the archive. Before I reinstalled, I checked and the number on the right correctly matched the number of documents in the result set. The problem was that not all were being added to the archive. This problem was corrected by reinstalling.

So, bottom line, I don’t know how this is getting confused but to repeat, the number on the right ( “x” documents) has always shown the number of documents that made it through the filters.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, of course. I was wrong, you were right. Sorry. Seems in 35 years i have not learned what left and right is :blush:
Anyway, when you choose Archive All it should archive all pages. One possibility when it does NOT archive all the pages is that some of the pages ARE already in the archive, e.g., because you have archived them in a previous search run. Could that be?

Well at least we cleared that up!

As for your question, no, it was not posssible. I tried numerous searches and none of them were archiving properly. Only reinstallation solved the problem. I just hope it doesn’t happen again because I would hate to lose the archives I am starting to build up. Fortunately, nobody else seems to have experienced this so I will chalk it up to cosmic rays for now (somebody once told me he thought cosmic rays could cause hard disk corruption).

We drive on the left here - that’s the right side of the road. btw have you considered that your Mac may be haunted?