Problem deleting Indexed files from disk - missing prompt

Howdy DevonThinkers,

I’m returning to DTPro after a long absence. Something important, however, now seems to be missing - and I find no other accounts of it missing as I search the forum.

Previously, deleting indexed items from a database resulted in a prompt asking whether to delete the entry only or the entry and the file on disk. Now (v.2.5.2) I only get “are you sure you want to delete this”… no option to delete from disk (and the file does remain on disk.)

I’ve even tried creating a tiny new database for testing with a handful of new “dummy” indexed files to be sure this wasn’t an issue of the items being in use elsewhere - still no prompt.



Where ya been? :smiley:

You get the prompt when you empty the Trash, not when you delete the file(s).


NP. 8^)