Problem exporting jpg-files by drag&drop

I have a problem with exporting jpg-Images by drag&drop or copy&paste out of my DT-Database into another application like keynote.
There are no problems with pdf-files. Using jpg-files it only pastes the name of the file as text into the keynote-presentation. Is this a bug in DT?
Is there a simple workflow to export images out of DT into keynote-presentations or other applications?

Many thanks in advance

I tested this with DTPO 2.7.1 on OS X 10.9 and Keynote 6.0. Dragged a .png, .gif, .jpeg, and .bmp from a DEVONthink group onto a page in Keynote. No problems. No bugs.

Could you mention what versions of DEVONthink, OS X and Keynote you’re using? And how you are performing drag-and-drop?

Hello Korm,
Thank you for your quick reply.
In the meantime I have found the solution or better the error I have committed. I was trying to drop the jpg in a text box in keynote rather than on the free wall/Canvas obtaining the result of a text-output with the filename. Dropping the jpg on the free canvas it just works fine. By the way I am using the same software configuration (DTPO 2.71 Keynote 6.0 OS X 10.9)

Thank you again and have a nice WE