problem import and sync


i have DTPO installed on my 2 computers, one running mavericks (mac mini) and the other yosemite (MBP).
My mac mini sync with a local database on a time capsule. Before I upgraded my MBP to yosemite, I had no problem to sync the MBP with the local database on TC.
but now under Yosemite, i can’t sync the MBP with the TC, whereas it still work for the mac mini.
when I try to create a new local sync on the TC, i have no problem with the mac mini to send all data, but when I try to import this new database from the TC to the MBP, DTPO says that it can’t find a database on the TC file!
I tried to create a new local sync on the public file on the mac mini, thinking it was TC was the problem, but I’ve got the same problem when importing to my MBP

anyone has an answer?

Check Window > Log for errors in the Sync.

problem is that DTPO doesn’t find any database in the Save file on my TC, so journal log don’t show any error, whereas i just created this Save with my mac mini. if I try to import database from this save with my Mac mini, the import command find the good database in the save file !!!
when i try to sync MBP with old save : “unable to read data because format is not correct”, but “verify and repair” is not effective

Please start a Support Ticket.