Problem importing and authenticating a database (DT3)

I’m using DEVONThink 3 and am generally new to the software. I setting up syncing and I’m using DropBox in this process. On a second MAC computer (at the office), I’m trying to import a few databases. I have been successful in doing this – except for one database. When i click on “Import Database,” I get a dialog box to import the database in my “DevonThinkDB” folder. I click “create” and then get a subsequent dialog box called “Authenticate” in which I’m asked to authenticate the database by providing my “user” (which has been prefilled in) and my password (which is not prefilled in).

I have been entering every password I know and have not been able to import this database. Mind you, have three other databases, all of which have imported onto this second computer with no problems. Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome @FeloniousMonk

Those are credentials set on that database in File > Database Properties. You cannot import such a database without providing those credentials.

Please start a Support Ticket at to discuss this off to the side. Thank you.

Thank you, and will do.