Problem importing .CSV


I am trying to index (or import) a “.csv” file (from my credit card company) into a DEVONthink sheet. This has worked in the past, but now I am receiving the cryptic “Failed” in the log window when I try to import the “.csv” file. Any suggestions as to what might be causing the problem? Is there any way to see a more detailed message than “Failed”? Any help would be appreciated.

Daniel Max

Is there any message in Console for the time of an import attempt?

Perhaps the .csv fext file is damaged.

Thanks for the reply. The DT Log window shows the time, the name of the file, and “Failed” in the info column. The file opens fine in Excel (and to me looks the same as the files that were successfully handled in the past).

If you wish, zip the .csv file and attach it to a message to Support.

It’s a known issue of the current release, especially on Tiger. The upcoming maintenance release will fix this, in the meantime don’t use the Automatic encoding (see Preferences > Import)