Problem Importing DT1 database into DT2 Beta


I am trying to import my DT1 database into DT2. My original database is almost entirely INDEXED files (pointing to original PDFs elsewhere). After converting the database to DT2 the files were all renamed to numbers (e.g. 000094.pdf) and they are now in the database and no longer linked to the original file.

Any suggestions as to how I can convert the database leaving the INDEXED file pointers intact?


youre not allone.
Do a search and you will find several complains. IMHO no solution that work for all found. That’s why its called Beta.

Any more news on this?

I’m having a really rough time trying to get my db’s into DT2b (as in, no successful transfers yet). My db’s are 90% indexed files (around 10k pdfs). At least initially, during the import/export, I see: 10,929 exported, 7441 importing, with a whole lot of “failed” messages. This is after verify and repairing the db’s.

You might ask why I don’t just recreate the databases by hand if they’re just indexed, and it’s because one half of the database is reference (indexed folders from drive) and the other are for projects (hierarchical groups created in DTPro containing replicants from the reference section that are necessary for each step of the project, along with some rtf notes).

Also: as a side note, even though the import/export is very processor intensive, it might help to include a cycle every now and then that responds to the system and also redraws the progress dialog. If I start the import/export and don’t click on anything, I can monitor the progress, but if I switch to another app, I’m never able to get that panel back again to see what’s going on with DT, so I’m not sure if it’s hung or not (App monitor says it’s not responding).

Thanks, and I look forward to trying out the beta with my work databases.

I’m having the same problem with an indexed database. This is a major flaw in the beta, in my opinion. Hopefully it will be addressed in the official release.

It would be very helpful if someone from the company would answer reasonable questions and comments like this about whether a feature will be included in the official release or not, whether a stated problem will be fixed, etc., all through the forums.

Communicate please! :smiley:

There have been several threads discussing problems encountered by some users with the public beta release.

Some of the reported problems deal with conversion of a version 1.x database to 2.0, including problems with indexed files, renaming PDFs to a numerical sequence, or large numbers of files failing the conversion.

There was extensive internal testing of alpha and early beta software, followed by a series of seven betas released to a volunteer group of user beta testers, prior to release of public beta 1.

Many users have reported no conversion problems, and excellent stability of the version 2 databases. That’s been my own experience since the earliest internal betas. I’ve converted a number of databases with no problem.

But the reason for release of a public beta is to look for any problems in the larger community of users, as there’s no way to duplicate internally or with the beta test group, all the possible variables of software environments on computers, compositions, sizes and conditions of databases in use, and so forth.

Please take a look at

If you have encountered a problem, a bug report with as much information as can be provided can be useful. Especially for DT Pro and DT Pro Office users, if some files fail conversion, try creating a small version 1.5.4 database that includes a few such files, such as those that failed to be sent to the version 2.0 database, or that were renamed. What happens if you test that small database? Does it convert successfully, or not? A very small database can be attached to a bug report, or can be uploaded to DEVONtechnologies as described in the FAQ for sending a database by FTP.

I don’t believe the DEVONtechnologies user forum was put together for bug reports. It’s a very small company working very hard, and everyone but Bill was on a much-needed holiday vacation until Wednesday :stuck_out_tongue: (I don’t think Bill’s ever had a vacation)

Forums just aren’t the ideal system for handling bug reports, especially for a public beta of an app as complex as DT. That’s why they provided the miracle of the Help Desk, where you can submit bug reports and (at least in my case) get a specific answer directly from someone who is actually knee-deep in code at that very minute.

It’s great to use the forum to discuss issues, and I’m glad that people use it as much as they do… just don’t get frustrated when you don’t receive an “official” response here in the forums. There’s just too much happening right now. Be patient :slight_smile:

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I purchased DT Pro 2 a few days back and without reading the forums and without knowing the problems it has I installed and converted some of my DT 1.5 databases to the new format. Well, now it turns out that DT Pro 2 is unable to convert some of my DT 1.5 databases, e.g. one that has 13 000 pictures indexed in it, and the other that has some important scanned books in it. The resulting databases only have the file names in it, without having the pictures that should be in it.

I would gladly go completely back to version 1.5 had I not already deleted a few 1.5-format databases that I had converted to version 2, since I thought they were completely converted. Actually now I don’t know if all the items were completely imported because I didn’t go through all the items one by one. And of course I DIDN’T KNOW THERE WERE PROBLEMS IN THE CONVERSION. And yes it’s a beta software but it’s being sold like it was almost final, or that’s how I thought about it.

Pasi H

P.S. Thankfully just before posting this message I found out that I had taken a clone of my hard drive couple of weeks ago and so I still have my 1.5-version databases. Whew, I almost got a headache from thinking that I had lost data or was unable to get to it. I’m still going to post this message because quite frankly I’m angry that you sell software update that has a potential to destroy data if the user doesn’t check whether all the items were converted from the earlier database version. And I mean, people with thousands of files in their databases: how the HELL they are going to notice if something is missing?

Well now I go back to DT Pro 1.5 and it remains to be seen whether I’ll ever purchase anything else from you, or ever move my data to the already purchased version 2 or go look other solutions from elsewhere.

P.P.S. And probably someone manages to make it seem like it was all my fault, because this place seems to be crawling Apple fanboi-types of apologists who can’t take that some dares to critisize DT. All the same, I’m still pissed at the whole situation, but thankfully I can roll back to 1.5.4.

Paul, just a note that the conversion to a DT Pro 2 database is completely nondestructive to the 1.54 database.

There’s a Log that records any failures of file transfers for database conversion, exports or imports. It’s always a good idea to check the Log.

I don’t have information to guess why there were failures in the conversion to the version 2 database. You may want to see what happens if you do an export (File > Export > Files & Folders) of your 1.5.4 database to a new Finder folder. Check the Log following the export.

If you have files that fail conversion or export, please contact us with a message to Support.

I’m glad you did have Time Machine backups.