Problem importing e-mails with Mail Tags tags

I have been having a problem recently (possibly since upgrade to Maverick’s) where e-mail messages which I have tagged with MailTags seem to have their tags removed in the process of importing them into DTPO. The script seems to work after reinstalling after the Maverick’s upgrade; it is just the loss of tags which is annoying. Is anyone else having this problem and how to you sort it?

I think it depends on a couple of things. First, gmail is handled differently in than other IMAP accounts; as a consequence I think MailTags now writes tags to files in All Mail. In fact, I can’t even get to export gmail “folders” in Mail, and the AppleScript to import such a mailbox doesn’t work at all for gmail.

I can, however, import gmail directly from ~/Library/Mail/V2. But the tags seem to reside in All Mail with gmail, but in the other mailboxes with “On My Mac” or other IMAP accounts.

If I use the “Add to DevonThink Pro” service menu item or drag and drop into DTP a mailbox in ~/Library/Mail/V2 then the tags import. But again, not with gmail mailboxes in that folder unless it’s All Mail (or maybe some of the other gmail system mailboxes; I don’t tag in those but the emails therein might be tagable).

And if I am in, and use the AppleScript, it will import mail from non-gmail folders but the tags won’t be there.

And BTW, I’m using the beta of MailTags and Mail 7 and it’s still a real mess. I keep losing tags, searches are wonky, etc etc. Very unstable. I can be looking at a file in Finder and the same one in Mail; Mail will show the tags but Finder won’t.

Still not getting Mavericks tags into DTP with an import directly from the mailboxes in ~/Library/Mail/V2. I do get openmeta tags. And the latest beta from MailTags is correctly writing to openmeta as far as I can tell (you might have to ask to get it if you’re running a beta).

I posted in a new thread about Mails keywords; they seem like something different yet again.