Problem importing email from Entourage

  1. Do DTPO and Entourage play nicely together?
  2. If so, I’m having a problem with importing emails with attachments.

Here’s the process I follow:

  1. Choose File/Import/Email
  2. Select Inbox
  3. Click to highlight email(s) that I want to import
  4. Click Import All
  5. The result is the attached pic below. The problem is that I cannot open the attachment, either by clicking on in in the main DTPO window or double clicking the email to open in a new window, then double clicking on attachment.

  1. I’ve checked preferences under import and email. Doesn’t seem to be anything that would affect the attachment.
  2. The workaround is for me to save the attachment from Entourage to desktop, then save that file to DTPO.

Any ideas?

Plenty of ideas, one of them is this one: Tuesday Tip: Use the plain text view.

Ok, that’s it. I’m starting a wiki for things I knew, discovered, were asked/answered before, etc, which I then promptly blocked from all rationale thought. I’m calling it Forget Me Not Again. :confused: