Problem importing mail to DTPO

I have the latest versions of all software running on my iMac. If i drag and drop and e-mail into DTPO I find a lot of the info is made up of boxes with a question mark in the middle. These boxes appear to be graphics items.

I’m new to DTPO. I find this behaviour unacceptable. Has the program always worked like this.

The icons with question marks you see are OS X’s default for showing image placeholders instead of images in email messages. This is a security feature – remote images can be large, or click-through to malware.

What you see is the default display of .eml and .emlx messages in DEVONthink Pro Office. To see the images in a message toggle the “Text Display/Best Alternative” button shown here:

Option-Command-P also toggles the displays.

From the “Importing Email” tutorial in Help > Support Assistant

20 Minutes ago, I updated to OSX 10.7.5,
and the importing of mails to Devonthink is no longer available.
(After years of perfekt work)

During the update
( exact: when I opened Mail after the update)
I got a text message, meaning:
Its not longer possible, call the Devon Think support.

I’m at OSX 10.8.2. I wonder if this could be the problem?

When I put a single eMail from Mail to Devon Think via drag and drop,
it seems, there is no problem.

When I trie to import eMail from Apple Mail with the built-in Devon importer,
I had a Message in the importer window " not able to get the mail messages, make shure, you have the newest Mail-Version". (Yes, I have…)

3 Days ago, there was no Problem, after the Apple update to 10.7.5 yesterday, Apple shows me, that they have kicked off the “importer” and I have to ask the support.
And really, it is not longer possible to use the devon importer for Mails.

They wrote a lot about security, perhaps they didnt like the way, the importer works.

Try shutting down DEVONthink and Mail, removing the bundle from ~/Library/Mail/Bundles, then starting Mail and DEVONthink and reinstalling from DEVONthink > Install plug-ins…