Problem importing mail

I’m a new user using DEVONthink Pro Office and am trying to import several email messages from I have no difficulty importing the messages but I am not getting any of the images that are in the messages. I thought that with Pro Office I could get them.

In Preferences in the email panel I did check Download Remote Images in HTML Messages. When I open the imported email, wherever there should be an image there is just a space with a border with a ? in it.

I assume I’m doing something wrong or not doing something I should.

Any help would be appreciated.

Signal Mountain, TN U.S.

You will see the remote images, when you choose to let DEVONthink Pro Office display the alternative view, either by clicking this button in the bar above the displayed content … text_alternative.jpg
… or go > menu bar > view > text alternative (cmd + alt + p)

Please note, that DEVONthink Pro Office will in this moment load the images, just as Apple Mail would do. They are not saved locally by DEVONthink Pro Office.


Thanks so much. That did it. I appreciate the help. :smiley: